New CC Capstick and RC Angstor Capacitors

The industry's highest ripple current rating per C*V capacitors,

ideally suited for bi-directional power conversion

It's Revolutionary

Introducing Quantic™ Paktron's CC Capstick® and RC Angstor®, hi-reliability multi-layer polymer (MLP) capacitors providing the industry's highest ripple current rating per C*V.

These capacitors are ideally suited for power supply applications, including bi-directional power conversion, high frequency AC, DC link, DC block, filtering and snubbing. 

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Modern SMPS designs and PWM Chip innovations such as GaN based LLC LCC CLLLC push the frequency limitation further than the traditional buck or boost designs, consequently demanding more from the buck/boost capacitor or resonant capacitor. The unique demand of the Hi-Reliability resonant converter propelled Quantic™ Paktron to research, design and manufacture a new capacitor to address these challenges.

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