Quantic's Capacitor Portfolio

Quantic’s broad array of capacitor technologies range from multilayer polymer (MLP) film capacitors, multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) and assemblies, ceramic high-frequency microwave capacitors to the industry’s most power-dense, hybrid wet tantalum capacitors. Our capacitors deliver mission-critical performance in defense, aerospace, energy and communications, where high-reliability, space, weight and power are crucial.

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Evans hybrid wet tantalum capacitors are the most power dense in the industry, providing significant SWaP savings compared to traditional capacitor technologies.

• Voltage range from 10 to 125V

• Cap values ranges from 22uF-1F

• Rugged hermetically sealed design withstands high shock & vibration

• Ultra-low ESR “Enable” high-current applications

• Space Grade (Qualified to NASA-INST-002)

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Eulex's patented technology allows ceramic capacitors to be manufactured with higher capacitance using fewer dielectrics improving temperature and frequency performance in a high reliability package.

• Up to 20X capacitance

• Frequencies exceeding 100GHz

• Ultra-high Q dielectrics

• Product offering includes gap, binary, broadband, vertical layer, high Q capacitors

• Voltage range from 6.3V-1500V

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Paktron’s Multilayer Polymer film capacitors offer a ceramic capacitor alternative in specific “cannot fail” applications that demand robust mechanical & electrical solutions.

• Highest ripple current rating per C*V in the industry

• Offers better electrical stability over temperature compared to XB

• Self healing - does not fail short

• Mechanically flexible does not crack

• Voltage ratings from 50VDC-500VDC

• Cap values from 0.1uF-20uF

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UTC manufactures standard and engineered high reliability multi-layer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCCs) and leaded devices, approved to produce MIL-PRF 49470 parts to standard (B) level and (T) space levels in addition to a wide variety of DLA drawings.

• Equipped to perform a variety of MIL-PRF testing

• Low ESR & ESL – excellent for frequency decoupling

• Multiple dielectrics available including NP0, X7R, X5R, Y5V - PME and BME formulations.

• Low-cost manufacturing options available

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